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Environmental Campaign in Arunachal Pradesh


Kenbom Bagra, 42, an advocate by profession and passionate environmental activist whole heartedly working stop the environmental degradation in Arunachal Pradesh, particularly in West Siang district. Bagra, initially, a lone warrior but he did a lot of work to uniting the people of the Aalo town for the purpose. In 2016, with some of his like minded friends, established an organization, Aalo Town Public Welfare & Development Society (ATPWDS). According to Bagra, who is currently spokesperson of ATPWDS, told today that from the establishment of the organization, they had started a series of awareness campaign among the people of Aalo town and the nearby villages about the importance of forest, environment, biodiversity, ecosystem during the period of soaring global temperature. Now in collaboration with the West Siang district administration banned fishing in rivers and poaching wildlife, “Excessive fishing with fish catching materials like fishing gill net, arrows, chemical blasting, poisoning rivers etc in the Siang river and it’s tributaries -Sip, Hirik, Tarsu and Himi and Yamgo, is the reason behind the drastic decline of fishes including the endangered species,; poaching wild animals including some schedule I animals in the Wildlife ( Protection) Act- 1972, rampant in Arunachal Pradesh, ” Kenbom Bagra told. He added from the first April next, fishing and local fish-selling in the market would be totally banned. But traditional fishing practices such as angling would be excluded as this practices have been continuing since time immemorial.

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