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Environmental bodies decry vultures’ death, demand inquiry


April 24, 2013: Several environmental organisations of Lakhimpur district sought an inquiry over the sudden death of 11 vultures in Dhakuakhana on Tuesday and demanded exemplary punishment to the guilty person. Devajit Phukan, mthe secretary of Mega Mix, a Dhakuakhana based environmental organisation told today that the incident occurred when the vultures consumed the carcass of goat on which the owner of the got applied Furadan, a kind of pesticide and left it in an open field. Till today the owner of the land had been identified though the owner of the goat was yet to be identified. Phukan added that the guilty person must be awarded with exemplary punishment so that no one would dare to do such crime in future. He told the district administration was taking the matter very seriously and the police and the forest department were working accordingly. He also clarified that among the dead vultures 9 were Himalayan Giffon and 2 were white-backed vultures. Phukan also told that there were 6 nesting under Dhakuakhana and they planned an awareness programme in all the nesting places from this week onwards. Bikul Goswami, chief coordinator of Green Heritage, Lakhimpur termed the incident a ‘very pathetic’ in such situation. And told that the incident may occurred due the ignorance of the owner of the goat but he should be punished through which could make the other people aware.

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