Warriors For Earth
Life on the Earth

“Warriors for Earth” is an initiative for those who really want to work for the betterment of the Earth. We all know that Earth is now an ailing planet. Excessive human intervention on the natural resources made the planet Earth sick. Let’s all come together and work for it and disseminate the related informations from every corner of the world. Simplification in writing is very important so that everyone can learn the core of the issues.

But we all need to remember that earth needs no warrior to protect it because earth can recuperate itself after the extinction of human beings from it. But it may need years in million.

Thank you Everybody.

Monoj Gogoi

Monoj Gogoi is a post graduate in English from Gauhati University and currently teaching in a college in upper Assam, India. Since 2003, he has been contributing news, articles, research articles on various English and Assamese newspapers (Eastern Chronicle, Seven Sister’s Post, Eastern Sentinel, Dainik Agradoot etc; worked in news channels: News Time Assam, DY 365), books,web portals etc. Besides teaching Gogoi is independently doing researches on Climate Change, Water, Agriculture and Rural Economy in the state of Assam. He also works as resource person in the workshops related to the subjects.